Regulation of Bungalow




Booking terms:

- The reservation will be validated only after receiving the deposit (33% of the total price).

 - After the receipt of the deposit our camping direction will contact you (by the same way you have booked: telephone or e-mail) to confirm the deposit receipt and the final reservation.


Payment terms: The amount of the stay must be paid on arrival, otherwise the camping direction may refuse to welcome the costumer. No refund will be due in case of late arrival or early departure.


Cancellation, delays, early departures:

-          Any cancel or delay must be communicated by e-mail or telephone. The date of sending will prevail for the return of the deposit.

-          Full refund shall be granted if the cancel communication is made at least 60 days before the expected arrival.

-          If the cancel takes place until 30 days before the expected arrival the camping direction shall grant 50% of deposit refund.

-          The camping will hold on deposit if the cancel does not take place within the time limits.



*** Additional Corona Virus cancellation rules: ***


Laws that affect anyone:


-          If Italian government forbids the movements across regions in Italy at the moment of the reserved period a full refund is granted, with no time limits

-          If Italian government forbids the usage of the beach then you will be sent an email from us giving you the possibility, within 48 hours, to cancel with full refund even if the normal terms expired. After the term of 48 hours the cancellation rules will be again the standard ones

This term does not apply for difficulties in finding a place in high season in the beach, but only if the usage is forbidden.


Laws that affect only specific countries:


since, especially in these hard times for economy, we can’t risk to keep a bungalow empty if someone could have the possibility to come, we can’t give full refunds for cancels for rules which doesn’t affect anyone, so this is what we can do to be the most friendly possible:


-          Full refund term, in case movements between Italy and the guests country are forbidden or strongly not recommended because of Corona virus restrictions, the normal full refund term is 30 days instead of 60.

-          Longer term can be discussed on phone, before the end of the 30 days term: according to our reservations situation we will be glad to give a longer term if possible. If it is not and the guest don’t want to risk, we will be glad to give a full refund.



The booked bungalows are made available to costumers until 10.00 a.m. of the day after the expected arrival, unless notice of postponement. Outward this terms the reservation shall be automatically terminated. Therefore the camping direction will be free from any commitment and will be back in disposal of the housing unit. The deposit will not be returned.


Rules of procedure: The campsite guests are pleased to respect the rules below


- On arrival guests are required to appear to camping direction for the check-in.

- Each guest is required to diligently take care of his belongings. The management is not responsible for damages or loss of unattended items. We reccommend to use our deposit service.

It is strictly forbidden to damage plants and equipments and to light fires in the park (no barbecue is allowed).

- Staying in bungalow starts at 04.00 p.m. on arrival day, and strictly ends within 10.00 a.m. on departure day.

- Kitchen and its stuff use are exclusively intended for bungalow occupants.